Episode 094: The Real Reason You Should Increase Your Prices, Especially As A New Coach!

Hey, POP Squad!

Today's episode is another short and sweet one. It is part two of Episode 091: Why You Should Charge More For Your Services!!! If you haven't yet, you should definitely listen to that one first. 

In this episode, we talk about the biggest reason why you must raise your rates as a brand new coach. 

I know this may sound crazy, but it is simply because it is easier to sell high-ticket!!!

Unbelievable, right? I used to think that too until I tested it on my entrepreneurship journey. I have had programs ranging from free to my now long term, Purposed to Profit™ Elite: Group Coaching Program, which is a high ticket program.

Sis, I can submit to you that selling the cheaper programs was like pulling teeth compared to selling my high ticket programs.

If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur who offers amazing value that is life-transforming, you don't need to be struggling to make sales.

You need to raise your rates to match your value!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Aligning the value of transformation with the price.
  • Low tickets are a turnoff.
  • Yes, it is okay to be polarizing.

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