Episode 112: How to Launch Your Very First High-Ticket Coaching Offer

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How does a new coach sell their very first high-ticket coaching offer? How do they believe in something they have not demonstrated results for?

When I first started my coaching program about a year and a half ago,  I launched my first high ticket program within three months of starting.

I launched my first program and did not charge a high ticket price at first, because I held myself back.

I thought I needed testimonials, a beautifully crafted website, thousands of followers, and even a certification!

Looking back, I realize this was just imposter syndrome holding me back.

Yet I badly wanted to become a coach. I wanted to change women's lives.

This was only possible after I stopped focusing on stuff that did not matter at the beginning.

I focused on what was in my hands. I stood in my belief! I told myself that I can help women walk in their purpose, and set myself out to do exactly that!

I want to submit to you that when you master the principles that I discuss in this episode, you can sell anything at any price!

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In this episode, I discuss:

  • What a high-ticket offer is
  • Figuring out what’s in your hand
  • How to sell your first high ticket offer
  • Why sales is an inside job

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