Episode 118: Docs of High-Ticket Conference Review (Pt.1)

Hey, Doc Squad!

I finally did it...

I have been seeding this episode for a while now and I know you were definitely looking forward to it as well.

In this episode, I give you all the tea on the Docs of High-Ticket Conference.

I give you all of the lessons, all of the successes, all of the failures, all of the drama, all of the overwhelm, the fact that it almost didn't happen...

The fact that it happened and completely blew my mind!

 All of the behind the scenes of what it took. All of the black girl magic that has been surrounding me and contributed to the success of the conference....just all of the things!

Squad, this episode is #richandjuicy. If you were in the conference *wink, you know what that hashtag is about. If not, stick around, you'll get it!

Next week, we continue with part two. You don't want to miss out on that one either.

I want you guys to understand the full scope of what it takes to be successful as a coach in this industry.

Because this is available to you too Sis!

Mentioned in this episode:

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