Episode 120: The One Thing You Need To Work On To Achieve Your Business Goals

Hey, Doc Squad!

I have to admit right from the onset that I struggled quite a bit to get this episode out.

It's funny because the very thing I struggled with is what I talk about in this episode.

We have been building up to it since  My 2021 Q4 Review so I know you have been waiting to hear what the one thing, the only thing that is standing between you and everything that you want to achieve in your business this year is.

Think about a goal that you created for your business this year...

Maybe it is to launch your business, maybe it is to hire a business coach to help you launch your business, maybe it is to start a podcast to help you launch your business or it is to start talking about your business on social media so people in your community know that you're a coach.

Maybe you already have the business and you're already coaching and you want to raise your prices or maybe you want to change your niche...
I want to submit to you that there could only be one reason, just one that is standing between you and everything that you desire. 

This might not be something you've ever heard before, or you may have heard some variation of this, but not in the way that I put it.

So hang tight because it's not what you think it is.

Let's get into it!

Mentioned in this episode:

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