Episode 124: High-Ticket Week Day 1 Recap

What Up, Doc Squad.

I have a very special podcast episode for you.

I am sharing the epic recap of Day 1 of High-Ticket Week which started last night, 3rd April going all the way through to April 7th from 7-8 PM EST.

This is my 5-day virtual experience where I am walking you through all of the components of your high ticket offer.

I really wanted to share this with you, my podcast community, so you guys can learn, grow and develop just like the ladies who are participating in High-Ticket Week.

It is not too late if you actually want to be part of the experience with us...

If you want to have access to the workbook and to the replays and have the opportunity to be coached by me...

You can sign up for High-Ticket Week as a VIP or you can join with the basic package for free.

I can't wait to see you inside, Sister Doc.

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