Episode 125: Attracting Consistent High-Ticket Clients

What up, Doc Squad.

In the beginning, I thought that selling was outside of me.

I thought that people would just come whenever they decided to come.

I didn't think I had any control over that.

It wasn't until I learned that I control this process...

That it starts with me...

That I was able to consistently attract high-ticket clients.

That I was able to turn sales on and off like a faucet depending on the goals in my business.

Sis, there is nothing about your business that should feel like it's out of your control.

Attracting clients, high-ticket clients, can be consistent, it can be repeatable.

But it's not a genie in a bottle situation. There's a secret to it.

I delve into it in today's episode, a replay of one of the sessions of Docs of High-Ticket Conference.

Yes, you get a sneak peek of the amazing time we had with my rich and juicy Sister Docs.

But you can also get lifetime access to the Docs of High-Ticket Conference replay as a course for $497 by going to docsofhighticketcon.com today!

Let's get into it.

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