Purposed to Profit Elite Mastermind



You are a woman doctor who wants to use your expertise to serve others as a coach

However, you have no clue how to get started 

You have a blog/podcast/social media/YouTube channel....but it isn’t leading to sales

You’re scared to put yourself out there because: what if you FAIL?

In truth, you aren’t even sure what to sell, and you are confused on how exactly you can coach others, even while you feel called by God to show up in this way 


But, what if you could use the power of your unique story to transform the lives of others?


What if you could package that into a dynamic high-ticket coaching offer that allows you to serve your community, even if you're just getting started?


Not only is there a way, this is THE WAY that successful coaches and entrepreneurs show up for their community and launch profitable coaching programs

Imagine if you could…

✓ Use your unique story to serve God’s people

✓ Utilize biblical principles to build a profitable business that allows you to walk in your God-given purpose

✓ Package the transformation that you have already achieved for yourself and others and sell that to your community 

✓ Build a business that energizes you and allows you to show up and serve without leaving you drained and overwhelmed

✓ Learn from a coach who understands how to help you get out of your own way so that you can show up authentically and serve

What would it mean if you could build

a business rooted in purpose that allows you to

command high-ticket prices for your expertise?

Imagine no longer relying on your 9-5 career and having an exit strategy?


Imagine getting off of the content hampster wheel that leads you to feeling

depleted and having your story do the selling for you


Purposed to Profit™ Elite: Hybrid Group Coaching Program


...an elegant, purposeful way to use the power of your unique story combined with biblical principles to allow you to develop, package, position, launch and scale your first high-ticket coaching offer without you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

In just under one year I have been able to

Grow my business to consistent 5-figure revenue months

Go from chasing to attracting my dream clients

Get out of my own way and develop my very own intellectual property: my signature framework

Position myself as an expert in the field using the power of my story 

Help my coaching clients achieve MASSIVE transformation through my signature framework

What once felt impossible as a stuck and overwhelmed procrastinator is now my everyday life.


And it can be yours, too!

What’s included in the
Purposed to Profit™ Elite coaching program:

Access to the 12-Month Purposed to Profit Elite Program & Curriculum


There's no way we could cover all the information contained in the program (much less expect you to apply it!) in less than 12 months!

Structuring the program as a 12-month container allows us the time to develop, package, position, launch and scale your first high-ticket group coaching program.

Even if you're a "speed racer" with implementation, the 12-month duration gives us an opportunity to tweak and test everything to ensure optimal, ongoing results even after the program is over. 



Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Me

Every week, we’ll have high-level coaching calls to go over the material, discuss your personalized strategy, and overcome any mindset blocks that are holding you back from your highest results.

(Maintaining a powerful mindset is more important than you realize!)

You will also have an opportunity to learn on a wide variety of subjects including profitable live streaming, high ticket sales, positioning yourself as thought leader, turning your community of followers, listeners and readers into raving fans who buy from you, and more!

Ongoing Critique and Review of Your Work

You’ll have an opportunity to submit your work for feedback and review.

This your opportunity to get “nitty gritty” insight on everything from your course structure to your messaging on your sales pages and social accounts.

This way you get direct input on your specific business assets, as well as actionable advice on your messaging, sales copy, strategy, and more!

Private Client-Only FB Group with Weekly Check-ins

By enrolling in this program, you instantly become a part of a “sorority” of high-level sisters who are on the same journey as you.

Not only will you receive weekly check-ins from Dr. Kimmy in the Facebook group, but you’ll also get insight from other ambitious entrepreneurs and the opportunity to make lifelong business friends.

Access to My Full Curriculum, Template & Supporting Course Modules

This is where you'll learn how to create a dynamic program and turn your expertise into a high-ticket offer.

We’ll go on to master your marketing and messaging to attract clients who can afford to pay your high-ticket rates, giving you additional financial “wiggle room” to take your time with the other aspects of the program.

In addition to the complete Purposed to Profit™ Elite curriculum, you also get access to my personal library of templates, systems, and “done for you” documentation on everything from content planning templates, live streaming sales scripts, and more!

Here’s What We’ll Do Together in the Purposed to Profit™ Elite Program:

This is where you'll discover your unique Purpose Proposition™ 

Set your Purpose Goal 

Learn my PPPOP Method™ framework for becoming Productive on Purpose™ as you build your business

Learn how to Provide for your tribe by showing up and serving the community that you've been building

Position your Purpose by utilizing what you have learned to identify and craft your Purposed Student Profile, so that you know exactly who you were meant to serve

And finally, the Purposeful Storyselling Launch™ that will rewire and inspire your community 

Next, we'll launch your high-ticket Group Coaching Program

You’ll go on to launch your program using my proven, 5-figure launch strategy, giving your business an additional cash infusion in preparation for scaling your business. 

You will have rockstar access and support as you serve the first cohort of your program

Lastly, taking what we learned from the first launch, we’ll take your revenue to the next level by designing a high-ticket, scalable coaching program by making quality improvements and refining your launch process.

You'll learn core business principles that will help you drive the profits you want.

You'll receive legacy coaching that includes branding, and setting up business and financial processes.

The Purposed to Profit™ Elite Coaching Program includes all of the strategy, support, guidance, and feedback you need to launch
your first high-ticket Group Coaching offer!

MODULE 1: Discover your unique Purpose Proposition™- Learn exactly how to leverage your individual and unique story in order to serve others. You will strategize the specific transformation that you can help others achieve. Guess what: *The market is not saturated because there is only one YOU*

MODULE 2: Set your Purpose Goal- Learn how to set strategic goals related to your business so that you can move to the next level in your life in a sustainable way. No more haphazard goals that leave you feeling all over the place. 

MODULE 3: PPPOP Method™-You will learn my framework for becoming Productive on Purpose™ as you build your business. This is what separates my program from all of the others! I get how busy life can get and how it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Utilize this framework and you will be able to start showing up for yourself and building your business authentically.

MODULE 4: Provide for your tribe- You’ve already been building a community...now learn how to show up for them and serve! In this module, you will learn how to build purposeful connections with the people who are already in your tribe-zones that leave your tribe wanting more from you and running after you with money in their hand.

MODULE 5: Position your Purpose- You will: Identify and craft your Purposed Student Profile so that you know exactly who you were meant to serve; Package your knowledge and expertise into your own Purposed Intellectual Property that will get your PSP the transformation they desire; Learn to position your signature framework so that your PSPs view you as the expert that they want to work with.

MODULE 6: Purposeful Storyselling Launch™- Finally, you will learn how to take your unique Purpose Proposition from Module 1 rewire and inspire your community. Jesus used storytelling for a reason: He knew that his radical message would require his followers to think differently. It’s not just about teaching people what to think, it’s about teaching people HOW to think differently that will propel them to buy from you. THIS IS AVAILABLE TO YOU!!!

MODULE 1: Purposeful Storyselling Launch
In this module you will launch your first high-ticket group coaching program, with me as your coach guiding you through the entire process

MODULE 2: Provision
In this module, you will get coaching, support, and mentorship as your serve your first cohort of clients

MODULE 3: Proof of Purpose
As you wrap up the first cycle of your high-ticket program, you will learn how to effectively document the successes, failures, shifts, and client results that will help you to repackage and scale your program to achieve consistent profits

MODULE 4: Pamper
You did it! Through purposeful rest and rejuvenation, you will luxuriate in the success of your first launch as you gear up to continue serving your clients and community in a deep and meaningful way

MODULE 5: Permanence
You will develop the necessary business assets to ensure long term business growth and success

MODULE 1: Plug in
As you start phase 3 of your journey, you will plug in to your purpose, reconnect with your big why and recommit to the process of developing your profitable business

MODULE 2: Parley your Purpose
Using the knowledge you gained in Phase 2 to reformat your signature intellectual property for maximum success for your future clients

MODULE 3: Paragon Program Development
You will develop your 6-figure revenue map, using my hybrid program model

MODULE 4: Purposeful Promotion
In this module, you will will develop a streamlined promotional process through creation of a masterclass or challenge funnel that will ensure continued enrollment of your dream clients into your Paragon program on an evergreen basis

MODULE 5: Purposeful Profit
Using my signature Purposeful Profit method, you will relaunch your newly-developed high-ticket hybrid program FOR THE LAST TIME EVER!

The Purposed to Profit™ Elite coaching program is for brand new coaches want to finally get off the content creation hamster wheel that leads to nowhere and learn a proven system that will attract your tribe.


You will learn how to develop, package, position, and launch your coaching program. You will leave the program with your signature process developed AND be able to communicate your value and have your program sell through the power of your story.


"I have never sold high-ticket before..."


I will help you develop, position, package, launch and scale your first high-ticket program


"I have taken other programs before and I have not been consistent"


This is what separates my program from all of the others!
You will be coached by a recovering professional procrastinator who is now a Productivity expert on how to overcome the procrastination and overwhelm that you feel. 


We are changing the narrative about Black Christian women.

We should have profitable businesses so that we can change the world!


Will you join us?



Let me show you how to walk in your God-given purpose by creating a coaching program that allows you to use biblical principles, your expertise, and your unique story to serve.


Remember...the market is not saturated because there is only one YOU™.


Hey, I’m Dr. Kimmy!!!


Double Board-Certified Pediatric Hospitalist by day, CEO of Productive on Purpose™ and Podcaster by night and weekend!

A few years ago, everything in my life looked perfect: great career, amazing husband, and beautiful children...but that was just on the surface. Deep down I knew the truth: I was a procrastinating hot mess.

Over the course of 2.5 years, I developed systems and processes to FINALLY push through procrastination, get out of my own way, launch my podcast Productive on Purpose™, and help aspiring Black Christian women entrepreneurs from across the globe learn the tools and strategies to break free from procrastination and start their own businesses with my programs Procrastination to Purpose™ and Purposed to Profit™.

Each week on the POP podcast we delve into various topics and interviews that help my community, The POP Squad™, level up in life, stop self-sabotage, and launch their own businesses.



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